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About Jumave

Jumave – What’s in a name?

Hi, my name is Lynne Jarvis and welcome to Jumave. I have lived and worked on the North-West Coast of Tasmania for most of my life. Being the youngest of nine children, I have many siblings and we were fortunate to have two very loving parents who worked hard to care for their family. As a family, death and dying, both sudden and expected were very much a part of our lives and as such, so too was grief and loss, healing and joy.

The name Jumave is a combination of Judy and Mavis, my sister-in-law and mother respectively. They taught me not only about death and dying, but also about community, life and love, as did my father with the initial ‘J’ being synonymous with the Jarvis family, including my four children.

At Jumave we believe that everyone has a right to fair treatment, equality and an impartial share of the benefits of membership of society.

For that reason, our services have been developed with a clear focus on how we can support and integrate the different needs of people in matters of dying, death and after death care.

We support Care Beyond Cure which aims to provide free access to complementary therapies for the individual with a diagnosed progressive life limiting illness AND their family carer/s.

Jumave also supports the Community Coffin Club initiative where individuals/families are able to make a coffin for themselves or their loved one.

Jumave’s values of Kindness, Compassion, Respect, Fairness and Integrity form the basis of our working relationships with those we seek to serve.

Please feel free to review our services and contact us at any time if you think we may be of assistance.